You live and breathe your employer brand every day. You are surrounded by people who know the corporate mission statement by heart and can name every product and project launched over the last two years. You come to work in a building filled with people who make their living supporting those products and projects.

So its easy to forget that your prospects have no idea who you are.

But it’s no excuse for not telling them. If you ran into a killer candidate at the grocery store, what would you tell them about your amazing company? If you were at a hiring event, what would you tell people who passed by? If you were giving an interview at a local radio station, how would you describe working at your company?

Why isn’t that exact same content on your career site, a place where thousands and tens of thousands of people go to learn about you every week?

If you are saving up your great stories for interviews and pitches, they are wasted on the handful of people who already applied.

So step one: get your story on your site. Now.

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