I know that you work for a big company and that you have hundreds or even thousands of job recs out there, so its a daunting prospect to decide how to reach all those potential candidates.

Your instinct will be to freak out and try and cover every channel, regardless of value to recruiting (yes, this is when you explain how your time spent recruiting on Pinterest is worth your time). You don’t get good direction on your hiring priorities, so you have to prioritize everything, so you “can’t build content about just one career area.”

Fair enough. While you spread the peanut butter so thin, it barely counts, I’ll be over here helping you competition pick one career area, tell a few stories about only those jobs, and  push those stories to the most useful channel. And while you’re running around like a a flock of headless chickens, they will be stealing all your best talent in that one area.

The best part is that when we switch to the next career area, the old content is still working. While you are trying to fix everything at once, we are fixing one thing and a time so that we never have to fix it again.

That’s the choice you face, so what are you going to do?

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