Companies that tell their stories in an authentic, open and distributed environment don’t have huge ad budgets. They don’t need them.

Super bowl ads aside, when was the last time you shared an ad, let alone a recruitment ad? Even when they are meant to be clever, eye-catching and memorable, they are only illustrating how little anyone knows about that company.

Proof? Go to San Francisco. I can’t think of any other place in the world with so many recruitment billboards. The reason is partly because hiring developers in the valley is like trying to catch fish at the most popular watering hole. But the other reason is that it is a company filled to the rafters with companies who look and act exactly the same. Sure, they will tell you they are breaking the “standard employment paradigm” and offering scooters and hot lunches to all employees, but they are all doing that in the same way. There’s simply no differentiation. So they resort to shouting from the tops of buildings to cars that race past.

That’s a game only the rich companies can win. So don’t play that game.

Tell more stories about you, the kind that people remember, share and fall in love with.