Boiled down to its essence, recruiting is one part hunting and one part persuading (ratios will vary). So your job and ability to work stems from your ability to discover or find talent and then to convince them to join up.

Without content, both those jobs get much harder. When you’re hunting, you rely on referrals and networks of people. But you won’t crack into those networks without a great story to tell. That story can be the patter you lay down on the phone of in an InMail, or you could make sure it’s available to everyone, helping you hunt even when you’re in bed.

And once you’ve got someone interested, how do you keep their interest? You don’t spend the whole time talking salary and start dates. You make sure they understand and are somewhat enthralled by your company. You tell stories about other employees, about great work being done, about the mission of the company.

Clearly, stories and content would help you do your job, making content so valuable, you could call it the currency of the game.

Unimpressed? In a head-to-head matchup, where you and another recruiter at another company are vying for the same person, would you rather go up against someone with a simple ATS-based site without stories and content, or someone who has so many stories to choose from? Who’s tougher opponent?

Wouldn’t you rather other recruiters think that of you?

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