Your stories make all your outbound channels better. Your ads, your job board posts, your social media posts, everything gets better when it drives to a story instead of some boring job description. So content creates attraction and awareness, filling the top of the funnel.

But more importantly, content plugs the holes in your funnel. If you spend money driving people to your site, every person who leaves without being able to appropriately consider working for you is wasted budget.

As the economy improves, people are less desperate to just apply to anything. They aren’t willing to invest the time to read between the lines of your job description because they have growing confidence that there’s another job just around the corner. So when faced with a obtuse job description, they walk away.

Content provides context and information that the applicant is looking for, helping them see themselves in that role. And as our data indicates, for highly experienced or specialized jobs, content can increase the likelihood of application by almost three times.